What is Panenka76?

Panenka76 is a Belgian tech company, offering sports technology products for international media publishers, sports federations and leading brands engaging actively in sports sponsorships. App developers and sportsbook operators are welcome for livescore data and engagement tools for their apps. Our cross-media solutions have scored in international apps and projects and are available for all your digital products.

As experts in sports applications, widgets and livescore components, we guide you from concept over development towards the timely launch of your project. Even after the app launch, we offer you app store optimization (ASO) that will make a big difference in reaching your target audience and accelerates the onboarding of new users. 
Launching an app is not the end of our mission, it is just the beginning of a rollercoaster with tons of opportunities and challenges in mobile and digital brand marketing.

Welcome to Panenka76!

PS: Can’t wait to get your project done by some star players in sports application development? Kick-off that email to hello@panenka76.com now!

Our services

Livescore Back-ends

Don’t waste your time building a complex livescore back-end. We’ve worked on it for years and have it prepped for you. Drop us an email and we’ll be happy to set-up an account for your mobile app, site or widget.

Media Publishing Platform

Our platform offers publishing solutions for news and sports media content: info on teams, players details, fixtures, head-to-heads, line-ups & social media content.

Beacon Technology

The internet of things is more than a buzz word. Putting the ‘smart’ beacon technology into your strategic plans? Or interested in the ‘connected stadium’? Ask us for a showcase.

App Store Optimization

Not sure about your ASO homework? ‘Image is everything’, said a 19-year old André Agassi. Make sure your app shines in the Stores for a better conversion and boost of your downloads.

'Beyond the download'

At P76 we explain our clients to look ‘beyond the download’: using the right metrics & analytics to get organic installs instead of spending tons of budget on paid acquisitions. Let’s land your app on the user’s phone dashboard.

User-Centric UI Design

Mobile is the new default, the new standard. Get the UI right from the beginning and let’s keep one thing in mind: the positive user experience. Go for A/B testing or based on (y)our experience.

Hosted Solutions

Our sports framework offers livescore & notification tools that can be plugged into your website, widget or mobile app. An SDK, APK or HTML can be prepped to get your project over the finish line even before you can say Dja-mo-li-dine Abdoujaparov.

A selection of our fine clients, teams & media publishers

AB InBevGolazo MediaJupiler Pro LeagueBwinUnibetKV MechelenCercle BruggeFC Midtjylland



Contact Us

Can’t wait to get your sports application done by some starplayers in sports application development?

Kick-off that email to hello@panenka76.com

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