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Goalstrm Services

Goalstrm is a collection of mobile products and digital services aimed at the sports audience: from in-stadium mobile payment solutions, beacon-triggered iOT-features, fast livescore data or a news & media platform ready to be kick-started. Goalstrm products have only 1 goal: to help you rolling-out new mobile initiatives in weeks, not months. The products offered…

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Panenka76 launching Custom Livescore Notifications

“Live Score Push Notifications” warn a user when a game kicks-off, goals are scored, cards are given, etc. And obviously inform the fans about the end result. It’s a no-brainer in today’s modern app development. But we’ve built it in a way it can be scaled to a variety of new notifications, making it one…

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Panenka76 interviewed: Tomorrow’s World

The February 2015 issue of SportsBusiness International covers an in-depth file on future technology and “The Internet of Things” in sports and sports business. Tom Claes from Panenka76 was interviewed as a member of the expert panel. The rather traditional sports world is changing at high speed and football clubs like Manchester United have embraced technology, show positive revenue figures…

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The roots of Panenka76

Some of you might now that the sports app development agency Panenka76 was born as a result of the unstoppable demand for sports apps at WebComrades. But for others Panenka76 looks like a promising new player in the market. To get a better view on who we are and where we come from….a write-down of the first…

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