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Panenka76 is a sports-focused services & application development company. We make top-scoring sports and football apps for clients all over Europe, but ask us to hit an ace and we’ll return you a slick tennis application. Or lets shoot some hoops together during a brainstorm and work out apps for basketball, ice hockey, cycling, running or whatever sport you like. As long as there is data, there’s hope. We help our customers convert their sports business plans into apps and services. Oh, and you might also know us from our sister company WebComrades.

We’re looking for a programmer that will help us build the next generation livescore platform. Data is the name of our game. Import from several sources, crunch numbers and deliver the right scope of data to client applications or other target platforms. Integrate with sportsbook operators or link the data with published media content and advertisers to create a valuable business model.

We have offices in Leuven (Belgium), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). This position is not linked to a certain location and we encourage working remotely.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a general problem solver. Someone with the ability to break down problems into its individual parts and reassemble them to build the entire solution. We believe in simplicity and think that the abstractions in the software you write should always underwrite that idea. You are a precise communicator: clear thoughts lead to clear code. We would love to talk to a developer that masters programming paradigms across different languages: concepts such as Object Oriented, Functional or maybe even Logic Programming. We value the love for building beautiful algorithms and a general passion for technology. Maybe that shows in previous experience, hobby projects or having solved the (currently) 501 problems of Project Euler. Programming is a craft and mastery comes with hard work, reading, study and practice.

We are building distributed systems and are looking for someone with a vision on systems architecture beyond the classic 3-tier [Front-End] <---> [Business Logic] <---> [Persistence] layered architecture. You envision the pieces a system is composed of, how they communicate and how this translates into a deployment strategy.

More in detail we are looking for someone with experience in the following domains:

  • Building web or RESTful applications
  • Data persistence (database systems)
  • Inter-system messaging (queues, sockets, …)
  • Concurrency
  • Asynchronous data processing
  • Cloud computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace, …)
  • Automated deployments (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, …)

Some of these are not on your current LinkedIn endorsed skillset? No worries, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn at Panenka76. An Amazon/O’Reilly/Manning book budget, expert sharing sessions and attending conferences will bring you up to speed rapidly.

What will you work on?

You will join a team of sports enthusiasts that all share a passion for technology. We focus on building sports applications that make an impact, feature-wise and business-wise. All of our apps are powered by our homegrown livescore and media content
platform, a framework that we are currently expanding to other uses. You will architect, design and implement future versions of our product.

Our technology stack is centered around the Clojure programming language. Our systems communicate with Datomic, RabbitMQ and Cassandra. We choose our technologies in function of the leverage they provide.

Developers at Panenka76 are responsible for running their applications in production, which means automating deployments, monitoring servers and being on-call outside of office hours.

Sounds like you? Here’s how to apply.

We like people who take pride in their work. This is the time to show off. Can you show us a product that you worked on? Can you do a 15 minute presentation of an interesting project you played a role in? Do you contribute to open source? Do you have a github account? We’d love to see your work. We prefer a demonstration of your programming skills over the list of technologies you’ve touched in previous years. Please don’t approach us like you would approach a recruitment company.

A decent cover letter is a must. Introduce yourself, be memorable. Make us interested in the individual that is you. Don’t forget to mention your hobbies or side projects. Are you a downhill mountainbiker or a wood carver? An amateur chef or a botanist? Great! We like people of different backgrounds (yup, we have an MMA cage fighter in-house).

Send resumé, cover letter and craft beer to

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