Panenka76 interviewed: Tomorrow’s World

The February 2015 issue of SportsBusiness International covers an in-depth file on future technology and “The Internet of Things” in sports and sports business. Tom Claes from Panenka76 was interviewed as a member of the expert panel.

“Whether the Internet of Things translates into sport may depend on whether the sport is technology-based…”

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The rather traditional sports world is changing at high speed and football clubs like Manchester United have embraced technology, show positive revenue figures coming from e.g. distribution of digital content, locally exclusive deals and platform-specific licences and target-specific sponsorships. The times are a-changing.

We at Panenka76 believe that there is a bright future for sports technology and the way we -as fans- engage in sports. A future that is worth paying for, because it will bring more than the traditional TV as we know it.

Most of us will never see the inside of the magical Bernabéu, drive a Formula 1 race car or see Federer’s perfect back-hand slice in real life. But thanks to technology, these events can be brought to millions of people in the world and even let the fans engage with the game. It’s only a matter of time until millions of fans will influence and decide who’s playing next match, who needs to take the penalty or who should come on the pitch to score the winning goal. Everybody’s a coach, right?

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Posted on March 11, 2015 in insights, keynote, press

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