Bwin & Manchester United

Project Description

Panenka76 made an experimental, strategic livescore concept for Bwin, in co-operation with Manchester United and Man Utd IP. An app concept that due to NDAs can’t be explained in full here, but mainly focussed on the live experience and livescore components built in-house at Panenka76.

Besides an intelligent livescore interaction, the app was one of the first concept apps where bet slips were directly integrated inside a third-party native app. Most operators prefer to build one app that rules them all: packing casino, sportsbook, poker and games all-in-one. We feel that many opportunities in team sponsorships are not being used, due to legal, political, financial or lack of manpower reasons. And that’s a pitty.

Panenka76 succeeded in making an app where betting was possible due to a deep integration of the betting API in a Manchester United fan environment. An app that perfectly has an existence besides the official Manchester United app, but offering an additional livescore experience and sportsbook integration. (Read: betting in the app, without leaving the app or being redirected to a mobile website)

Free tip
We believe that sportsbook operators should focus on tailored, fan-based gambling apps, offering exclusive promotions, specific odds, special markets, and a more detailed livescore experience than in just any random livescore app.

Fan apps give sportsbook operators the opportunity to experiment with content, offers or features, before they are released in the overall company sportsbook offer. If it works on “team level”, it might work on “league level too”. So, do you have a sponsorship with a team? Are you only getting some visibility in the weekly newsletter and some logos on the website? Then it’s time to make your sponsorship an active lead generator with a team-based gaming app.

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Project Details

Client: Bwin & Manchester United

Tags: concept, design, football, iOS, labs, livescore, strategy

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