Goalstrm Calendar Brazil 2014

Project Description

Here’s a minimalistic livescore calendar for the World Cup Brazil 2014 inspired by Goalstrm. Select your country and get the Goalstrm Calendar in the colours of your favourite team.

Who’s playing today?
Now you know. And we’ve been playing for a few nights to get this app up & running for you. Enjoy the biggest football event of 2014!

Ps: don’t throw the app away after the World Cup…we might have a little surprise for you.


UPDATE 14/07/2015
Due to new strategical plans with Goalstrm (as a service), we have decided to discontinue the current apps for Goalstrm. We’re not saying goodbye, but rather hasta la vista, baby.


Project Details

Client: Panenka76

Tags: apps, calendar, design, football, iOS, labs, livescore

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