Goalstrm Calendar: English Premier League

Project Description

Most good things come in pairs. With this app we want to make sure that Premier League fans too, can enjoy the minimalistic livescore calendar app. This app for the English Barclay Premier League 2014-2015 shows the fixture list in the colours of all Premier League teams.

Inspired by Goalstrm, and a spin-off for Android users only. The full Goalstrm app (iOS only) can be found here.

Like the Primera Division too? Go here.


UPDATE 14/07/2015
Due to new strategical plans with Goalstrm (as a service), we have decided to discontinue the current apps for Goalstrm. We’re not saying goodbye, but rather hasta la vista, baby.

Project Details

Client: Panenka76

Tags: android, apps, calendar, design, football, labs, livescore

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