The chemistry of Brazil 2014

As part of a fun project and to make sure we had something to hand out at the #madscoring event, we decided on Monday evening to make a Periodic Table based on the Calendar of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 and get the poster printed by Thursday. Not bad for a deadline. The A3 poster was a gift, distributed at the event, but the post on the website was almost immediately picked-up by several websites, including the headlines of the newspaper in Belgium (Het Nieuwsblad) but also included in newssites, designer blogs and sports websites.
Mission: (more than) accomplished.

The creation of this table was part of an internal bet under colleagues. Someone said: “I’m going to make a calendar, a nice one, based on a periodic table.”
Then somebody else answered: “Let’s make an app for that.”

1. We now have a World Cup Periodic Table (in paper) in our office and it will not be thrown away after the World Cup.
But more important, the game is on, and…
2. A World Cup Calendar app was made too.

Two ideas have been worked out within a week. Both ideas were actually born to promote Goalstrm, but more important…we’ve been looking at things from a different perspective. Don’t get locked in the daily stuff you do. Go out and experiment. Sometimes you’ll succeed, sometimes it was just worth giving it a shot.
Not trying = never good enough.

This is what a reviewer said…
“…This one is arguably the best that we have seen for the 2014 FIFA World Cup so far…”

Downloads and more on this subject can be found in ‘Portfolio‘.

Update 17/06/2014: Goalstrm Calendar Brazil 2014

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